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Does hair really benefit from treatments?

Yes, as long as you’re choosing the right one. It’s like sending your car in to have the oil changed when you’ve got an issue with the brakes. Not really going to fix the problem is it?

You have to make sure it’s the right treatment for your hair, you need to know is it protein, moisture or U.V protection your hair needs?”

Hair always benefits from treatments but if there’s a time you can’t scrimp on it, it’s straight after a colour. When you colour your hair it’s in its most vulnerable state. The cuticles are left open and your hair can feel dehydrated.

If your hair is healthy you might only need a treatment every 1-4 weeks but if your hair has seen better days and hates the sight of a comb, a treatment would be advisable every wash.

In the salon you have the guidance of hair experts who can determine what your hair needs, though admittedly it might be a little more expensive but your hair will love it.

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